we're all mad here~
You think you know me? :)

before i start:

i know that i reblog like a crazy person. so, if you follow me, please be aware that i WILL flood your dashboard every single day! if you want to unfollow, please feel free to do so. i think even i would unfollow myself! LOL

also, i don’t always follow back. if you start following me, i will for sure check your blog. and if i like what i see, i will follow back. if i don’t like it, i won’t follow. BUT i do appreciate every single one of my followers <3 (even if i don’t have many followers…I LOOOOOVE YOU ALL) well, except for these weird spam thingies ^_^

and FYI i reblog ladies, that i find hot/cute/sexy, a lot of food, 40’s/50’s/60’s/pin up stuff, things/pictures that i find funny/pretty/cute, pretty much everything i think is entertaining for me ^_^

so now here we go (○゚ε^○)


i’m usually not very good at this. whenever i have to say something about myself, i never know what to say. (●>v<●)

but i will try nonetheless! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚


*~* i’m a crazy weirdo

*~* sometimes i am really, really shy

*~* most of the time i am fun to be with and i love to talk way too much… but i can also be very serious and be a good listener

*~* i love cherries and strawberries for some reason

*~* i love stars so much that i even got them tattooed on my body

*~* i am addicted to panda bears, cupcakes, bunnies, hello kitty, rainbows, bows, alice in wonderland, the cheshire cat and all that funny and cute stuff that comes along with that and almost everything that’s cute and/or colourful

*~* i am abso~fucking~lutely in love with the colour pink

*~* i can be bitchy at times

*~* i wish i was a bit more rock’n’roll ♥

*~* i love my cat, my cute little bunnies and my mouse (R.I.P. Schwibbi ♥ )~they’re sooooo fluffy ^___^ ~

*~* i wish i could visit the 50s

*~* i smoke, i drink and i curse

*~* when i hate you, i hate you probably forever

*~* but when i like you, it’s hard to get rid of me (o≧▽゚)o

*~* i like girls & boys

*~* i am 31 years old

*~* my bday is Jan. 10th

*~* i’m german

*~* i wish i could speak more languages (i only speak german and english)

*~* i love watching horror movies and comedies

*~* i have a slight shopping problem :D

*~* i’m on a never ending journey of losing weight lol

*~* i’m a quite typical capricorn


feel free to ask me anything (anon or not) if you wanna know something.

see you again!(*^-‘)/~☆Bye-Bye♪

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